In 2014 I completed my undergraduate studies in the field of Media and Communications at Deakin University, graduating with First-Class honours for my thesis 'Through a Lens, Darkly: Investigating the relevance of Foucault's panopticon in contemporary studies of surveillance', which is available for reading here.

I am interested in studying the field of identity in the contemporary and emerging technological world and the dichotomy between the way identity is understood and the way it is observed and policed. My preferred theoretical framework is devised from Foucault's dominance-submission power relationship and the alteration of such in poststructuralist studies. It is my belief that the use of invasive technology in an attempt to alter these power relationships serves only to reinforce existing power relationships or manufacture new, more opaque hierarchies of power and distance the corporeal self from meat-space agency.

In future I aim for my body of work to establish a post-structural post-corporeal understanding of identity using existing and emerging technologies and to question assumptions of authority. I want to investigate the use of virtual-reality technology in establishing the extent of corporealism by shifting identity away from bodies and toward 'entities'.

If you are interested in contacting me about my academic work, I'm always willing to receive questions or comments through my email address here. You can also reach me on Twitter through the handle @RaOH. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can, but depending on the complexity of the query and my workload I may be unable to return your message promptly.

Web Development

I have worked professionally for seven years as a web developer, designing a variety of applications and websites for a diverse range of clients, from personal portfolios and simple websites to payment gateways and complex e-commerce solutions.

A selection of web applications I have developed is featured here. I specialise in modern web languages, making use of CSS3 and HTML5 in combination with jQuery and server-side scripting through languages such as PHP, Node and Go to name but a few.

I'm always looking to accept more work. If you're interested in my development services, feel free to contact me and I will return your query as soon as possible to discuss how my services can be best of use to you.

I my spare time I work on my personal video game projects and other pieces of specialised software, as well as play guitar.